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High availability – Hosting Raja Cloud

The conceptual definition of high availability:- High availability refers to a system design approach and associated service implementation that ensures a prearranged level of operation performance to be met during a contractual period.

High availability emerges as a challenge for the most companies. Nevertheless, there are procedures to adopt to pave the way for the high availability in the cloud architectural environment.

Following are the procedures to resort to for the formative high availability in the cloud architecture:-

Auto scaling buildup:-

High octane security contrivance against server failure is obligatory. The most advisable backup is the auto scaling. It can assure the user that the applications are vigorous enough to respond to the random traffic patterns based on a set of performance metrics. Database mirroring contrivance is another way to ensure smooth data functionality and a negligible downtime.

Functional contrivance of measures to cope with zonal failures:-

It's highly advisable to station the servers unfailingly in each of the application tiers across at least 2 zones. Replication of data across zones is another executable way to manage it all.

An ideal architectural buildup:-

An ideal architectural buildup refers to using the most congruent concepts like replication of data across regions or providers and usage of reserved instances to efficiently cope with the cloud failures.

Reliable automation and viable yardsticks:-

Apart from backup automation, it's important to devise vigilance techniques and presages or vague forebodings to identify virtual damnation. It may yield remarkable gains if the disaster recovery plan is tested for it's consistency and efficiency.

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