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Having been in the Web Industry for more than 8 years now, we have become the leader in this business. Our services are best in the market, customized matching Our customers needs

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15000+ Satisfied Clients

Unlike most companies, we Just don't believe in great Customer service but we Have set up a system to Ensure that all issues of our customers are solved Instantly. And this has made us one the most preferrable cloud partner

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Awesome Client Feedbacks

Our clients have rated our services and support as awesome! Know what our customers say about our services and decide on your own.

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Price Comparision

Comparing the prices of Cloud Hosting is not as easy as comparing prices of normal web hosting, due to the fact that some of the technical information is not same with each cloud providers. Our hosting raja technical team has taken maximum effort in comparing the price to the best of their knowledge. These are some of the reasons why comparing the cloud hosting prices are bit difficult.

1) Some cloud hosting providers has not openly informed about the processing speed of the cloud instance. This is the most important factor of the cloud hosting. In the list given below comparison, hosting raja cloud provides the MAXIMUM speed among the entire cloud hosting providers.

2) Few hosting providers like Hosting Raja provides bandwidth as a part of the packages, many other cloud providers charge extra for the bandwidth, this makes the monthly billing more if you choose other cloud hosting providers.

3) All the cloud instances are not of the same size in terms of RAM & Disk space & Core (CPU speed), these are some of the reasons why comparing the cloud pricing is much difficult. That’s why we have placed all the prices here in one page for your comparison.

*Prices are updated on as are 25-5-2013

M1 SMALL 1.7 GB 160 GB Not Available 1 Charged Extra INR 4800
Medium 3.75 GB 410 GB Not Available 2 Charged Extra INR 9600
Large 7.5 GB 850 GB Not Available 4 Charged Extra INR 16210
Extra Large
15GB 1690 GB Not Available 8 Charged Extra INR 38420

Hosting RajaRAMDISK SPACEProcessing SpeedCOREBandwidthPRICE
1GB 50GB 2.80 GHz 1 50GB INR 3800
INR 2063
2GB 100GB 5.60 GHz 2 100GB INR 4750
INR 3562
4GB 150GB 11.2 GHz 4 100GB INR 9350
INR 7012
8GB 200GB 22.4 GHz 8 200GB INR 15000
INR 12000
Hosting Raja provides the maximum processing speed per core/CPU. Please compare the "Processing Speed" column.

Windows AzureRAMDISK SPACEProcessing SpeedCOREBandwidthPRICE
768MB 20GB 1 GHz 1GHz CPU 50GB INR 2449
1.75GB 225GB 1.6 GHz 1.6GHz CPU 100GB INR 7791
3.5GB 490GB 3.2 GHz 2 x 1.6GHz 150GB INR 14508.4
7GB 1,000GB 6.4 GHz 4 x 1.6GHz 200GB INR 28052

RackspaceRAMDISK SPACEProcessing SpeedCOREBandwidthPRICE
512MB 20 GB Not Available 1 20GB -40GB INR 890
1GB 40 GB Not Available 1 30GB -60GB INR 2427.4
2G 80GB Not Available 2 60GB -120GB INR 4854.79
4GB 160GB Not Available 2 100GB -200GB INR 9709.58

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