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HostingRaja the leading web hosting company offers Private Cloud solution to the customers. A designed private cloud provides you with the same features and benefits of a public cloud system. Simultaneously, it removes the number of hostilities of a Cloud Computing Model; such as control over enterprise and customer data, worries about security, and issues connected to regulatory compliance and more.

Private Cloud offers you with Complete Security. It is an implementation which is aimed to avoid several objections on cloud computing security. If you are purchasing the Private Cloud, you must know that it is implemented safely within the corporate firewall. A HostingRaja Private Cloud remains under the control of the IT department. You do not have to worry about the security on your Private Cloud. Hostingraja is one of the leading organizations which provide Private Cloud Solution to the customers. The private cloud is a cloud computing platform built on our own hardware and software. The alternative is to deploy the services you need on a public cloud infrastructure provided by an external supplier.

Our private cloud offers maximum control and flexibility in terms of your custom business needs and offers latest technologies to provide you with the winning edge. Contact us to get the best service at the affordable prices.