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Did you know, Every One Second Delay in Website Loading, Costs You Around 7% ~ 12% Loss in Revenue? Most of the Online/ e-Commerce business owners in India spend most of their money and time in bringing the traffic to their website, but they don’t have any clue on why the revenue is not increasing. As a leading web development company/cloud hosting company in India, we have researched and found out that if the website loading time is slow the visitor will abandon the cart and go to any other website which loads fast and never to come back to the site again.

Our In-house team of Web Optimization experts will help you in setting up the cloud and load your website faster than before. We provide this service for free. In depth analysis and further optimization will be charged based on the amount of time required to do the work. Please contact our team to do the loading time optimization. We are the only hosting company in the world to provide FREE web site optimization.


In today's highly competitive e-commerce industry, online shoppers have high expectation when it comes to online buying. They check through all the important procedures by which one can find customers reliabilty. Checking HostingRaja customer complaints helps the customers to decide which web hosting plan to choose. The challenges are enormous in today’s online industry bringing customers to our website is only half the job done, the remaining is to convert them into a long term loyal customers. If the loading of the website is slow, we cannot expect the customers to do shop with us and remain long term customers.

Let’s explore the study by Forrester Research on behalf of Akamai which has identified two seconds as the new threshold for acceptable web page response times.


The Impact of Poor Performing Sites

Slow Rendering Websites Lead to Lost Online Sales

  • 79% of dissatisfied shoppers are less likely to buy from an online site again
  • This is up 17% from those consumers surveyed in 2006
  • 75% would be less likely to return to the website again
  • In 2006, only 64% stated they would not return


A Majority of Consumers abandoned intended purchases in the Checkout Process – Directly Impacting Sales

More respondents are willing to, and do, abandon purchases than ever before. The percentage of consumers who intend to make a purchase but leave after the checkout process has begun is up 18% from 2006.


Forrester asked “Thinking of the last time you visited an online store where you intended to buy a product but did not finish the online purchase; at what point did you leave the site?”

  • 35% of shoppers abandoned before beginning the checkout
  • 65% of shoppers abandoned after initiating the checkout


The Overall Brand or Image of the Company Will Also Suffer

When faced with a dissatisfying shopping experience:

  • 79% are less likely to buy again
  • 75% would be less likely to visit the website again
  • 64% would purchase from another online store
  • 46% of online shoppers are more likely to develop a negative perception of the company
  • 44% would actively tell their friends and family about the bad experience


Impact of Data Center Location In Loading Time

Often people try to fix performance issues by trying to “thin out” their site (decrease page weight). But many problems lie outside of your data center.


The farther visitors are from data center where the site is hosted, the more response times degrade. Your performance may be 2 seconds at your data center in India, but 5 seconds when hosted on Singapore, and even longer for international visitors.