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Minimum Latency

Secure Cloud Hosting with minimum latency – Superfast

Are you having a business located in India? Then the best thing that you can do is buy hosting service from a company located in India. The reason being if you buy hosting from foreign company which is located in different time, you may have to face issues related to latency while accessing data. With Indian market growing and ever increasing hosting requirements, choose an Indian based hosting provider and get an edge compared to your competitors. To help you understand this point better, we bring some advantages of hosting in India.

Advantages of choosing Hosting Servers in India

Minimum Latency

If you have hosted your website on a server that is located tens of thousands of miles away, it would only lead to latency and thus slow site response time. Also in worst case you may also frequently get requested time out message even though the data center is running fine. On the other hand if you host your website with us, you will get considerable fast access to your data because our servers are located in India, thereby giving you minimum or no latency.

Save Foreign Currency Spending

For our services you can pay in Indian Rupee, and thus you can save your spending on foreign currency. We also provide many free of cost services like Loading Time Optimization, Managed Services Support and much more which will further more help you in saving costs.

Legal Liability

Since our data center is located in India and within jurisdiction of India, there will be legal liability on us to give you with best and quality services which will not be same in the case of a foreign hosting provider. Also with the help of SLAs the customers can get more awareness regarding their legal rights and it also increases our liability furthermore.

Time Zone Advantage

If your hosting provider is located in India, you can set a support at your convenience that is in day time and also night time if requirement arises. Whereas in the case of a foreign provider, you have to call in the midnight or wait for long time to get support even for a smallest issues. But since we are an India based data center, we can support you during the day time and also night time if such requirement arises.

SEO benefits

Hosting with an Indian providers is always beneficial for SEO as it increase the chances of your site appearing on the premier search pages Google India, Yahoo India, MSN India, etc., increases. The reason being the keyword or search query will be more specific to your website content.